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I am Bud. I hope that this blog will provide an open forum for us in civil discussion regarding the United States Constitution, its current state of despair, and of our resolve to step forward and save it from threatened destruction. Maybe for starters I will ask a question.


Is the Constitution a living Constitution?


I have heard mention that today it has flexibility, or adaptability, being able to adapt to the times of our space age/high tech era. The horse and buggy days of the men who wrote this document are long gone, but there is a presumption that the Constitution is not in tune with the times, but that it is a variable document, it being out-of-date.


In a book called “Our Ageless Constitution” by W. David Stedman and Associates, it states,” We are told that it is unreasonable – even foolish -to expect that the Framers could have written a Constitution suitable alike for a society of husbandmen and a society of multinational corporations, to say nothing of one as well adapted to the age of the musket and sailing ship as to the age of intercontinental nuclear-tipped missiles. As the problems have changed, the argument goes, so must the manner in which they are confronted and solved, and the Constitution cannot be allowed to stand in the way. Indeed, there is no reason to allow it to stand in the way, we are told, because the Framers intended it to be flexible.

In this formal compact, in our Constitution, THE PEOPLE specified the terms and conditions under which “ourselves and posterity” would be governed; granting some powers and withholding others, and organizing the powers granted with a view to preventing their misuse by the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches alike.

WE THE PEOPLE were authorized by natural right to do this, and were authorized to act on behalf of posterity only insofar as the rights of posterity to change those terms and conditions were respected. This was accomplished in Article V of the Constitution, the amending article, which prescribed the forms to be followed when exercising that power in the future.

What THE PEOPLE were not permitted to do in 1787-88 was to deprive – or pretend to deprive – posterity of their natural right to do in the future what the founding generation had done in 1776. Nor could they, by pretending to delegate it to Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court, deprive them of their sovereign power to change the Constitution. Instead that power was recognized in the Constitution’s provisions in Article V.”


I believe that the Constitution is a living Constitution meaning that it can be applied to any scenario domestic or global, as the sovereignty of our nation is dictated by the Declaration of Independence. I do believe that it is to be amended as stated in Section V, and not by verbal statement, or policy, nor by a political program.


What do you think?

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Welcome to “The Constitution Hanging By A Thread”

James Madison, The Father of the Constitution
James Madison, The Father of the Constitution

The Fourth President of The United States of America.

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